Edgar’s Whole Life Insurance Programme

Unlike term life insurance, Whole Life Insurance is more of permanent insurance. The beauty of EDGAR Insurance is that you can get an instant online quote right now without the involvement of any agent. We save you time and get you the numbers you want to see. 

What does whole life insurance mean?

Whole Life Insurance serves as a lifetime’s worth of safety belt for you and your family. EDGAR Insurance backs you up in the best way possible to help you earn your approval for whole life insurance. Become insured for life right away. EDGAR provides guaranteed online whole life insurance policy quotes. Apply now and get your numbers without the involvement of any agent. 

Whole Life Insurance: What is it and How Can You Benefit from it?

It is the most efficient type of insurance for those who like to plan long-term. Whole Life Insurance is meant to last for the entirety of a person’s lifespan and is also embedded with the Death Benefit— a promised pay-out at the time of the insured person’s passing.

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Factors to be on the Look Out for When wanting Whole Life Insurance

  • When you want to be protected for the rest of your life
  • When you seek to add cash value to your policy over the course of passing time
  • When you can manage to afford higher premiums for fully utilizing these benefits

Edgar’s Whole Life Insurance Supports and Recognizes Seniors

Old age has its hardships in terms of deterioration of health and this becomes a barricade for becoming eligible for life insurance. However, here at EDGAR, if you are above 66-85 years old, we’ll step forth and lend a helping hand to get you approved. Health issues will not become a hindrance to your protection. Simply answer a few medical-related questions that will ultimately decide the value of your policy. 

What makes Our Life Insurance Peoples’ Favourite?

Approval is Inevitable

Old age is not rejected but welcomed with the utmost respect. Your convenience is prioritized. Answer a series of health questions for us and get insured.

Purchase and Commence

Our efficient online system provides coverage right from the point of purchasing of a policy.

Lifetime of Policy

This is our sincere commitment to you. All you have to do from your side is to manage the cost of premiums. Also, we remove payments for customers who have turned 100 years old. Their coverage will remain intact too.


If you want lifelong coverage and the cash value benefit, you should go for the whole life insurance. Your nominee will get all the benefits at the time of your demise.

Yes, it can prove a good retirement investment for you as it protects your money against market risks. But it also offers subdued returns compared to other investments. So, you cannot make it your stand-alone option.

The beneficiary will not have to pay any taxes, as this does not fall under the taxable income.

The average return you get on the whole life insurance policy is 1.5 percent.

To determine this amount, you can multiply your annual income by ten or calculate this amount by subtracting your long-term financial obligations from total assets.

With employer-sponsored insurance, the coverage you get is only 1-2X of your annual salary, which won’t prove sufficient for you.

We Always have your Back

At any stage of receiving or having received our life insurance, you will not be left feeling abandoned. Our helpline is always active with our licensed as well as knowledgeable agents. we provide guaranteed online whole life insurance quote.

You can reach us by:

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Steps of the Procedure

EDGAR’s 100% online process helps you get done in a matter of minutes. Fill out an easy to understand application and that is it.

Depending on your budget, choose the extent of your coverage (up to $30k). Choose what suits you and worry no more.

Enter your credit card details, make the first payment, and you’ll be insured for a lifetime.