What Disqualifies You From Life Insurance?

What Disqualifies You From Life Insurance? You may get disqualified from life insurance for various reasons. These may relate to your physical and mental health, lifestyle, habits, and hobbies. An insurance company analyzes all of these factors to determine your life expectancy. Insurance companies prefer clients who don’t indulge in unhealthy habits and have a clean record.

What disqualifies you from life insurance?

Poor Physical health

An Insurance company critically analyzes your physical health. Your physical health determines your life expectancy. If you suffer from any serious medical condition, you will not qualify for life insurance.

When you seek life insurance with a preexisting condition, an insurance company sees you as a riskier venture. Medical conditions such as heart disease or cancer significantly reduce your life expectancy. An insurance company will analyze the seriousness of your situation to make a decision.


The average life expectancy in the United States in 2020 was 77.8, down a full year from 2019. (Npr.org, 2021) 


Psychological problems

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Anxiety and depression severely impact your physical health. If you have a history of mental illness, it stifles your prospects of living a healthy life. Some companies may disqualify you for life insurance due to poor mental health.


You may get disqualified from life insurance due to an unhealthy lifestyle. If you have dangerous hobbies or live an unhealthy life, many insurance companies will deny you the coverage. At the time of application, an insurance company asks questions about your habits and hobbies.

Unhealthy habits include smoking or excessive drinking. Dangerous hobbies are the likes of racing, skydiving, mountain climbing, etc. If you want to get life insurance at a reasonable cost, you will not indulge in such things.


Alcoholism significantly reduces your chances of securing life insurance. Insurance companies see it as a red signal. An alcoholic person can suffer from health conditions like liver failure. Insurance companies can determine whether you are a heavy drinker or otherwise through your medical report.

Financial circumstances

Insurance companies analyze the state of your finances. If you are in a financial crisis, insurance companies may deny you the coverage. They may feel that you won’t be able to pay premiums consistently.

Insurance companies may not award you an insurance policy if you have any past bankruptcy. If you have a massive debt, it can also get you disqualified from a life insurance policy.


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Criminal record

A criminal record also diminishes your chances of getting life insurance. Such a record shows that you have a dangerous lifestyle that may cost you your life. An insurance company will refrain from rendering coverage to any such person.

However, if your crime was mild, the insurance company might choose to ignore that.

Driving record

Your driving record can disqualify you from life insurance. An insurance company will carefully examine your driving record. If you have a clean record, it proves helpful in getting life insurance. But if it shows that you have violated traffic rules in the past, the insurance company may see it as a red flag.

An insurance company may deny you the coverage or charge higher rates if you have a poor driving record.

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What Disqualifies You From Life Insurance?

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