Mistakes to Avoid in Buying Life Insurance!

Purchasing life insurance is a crucial decision in your life. You don’t want to make any mistake that jeopardizes your family’s financial security. You want to ensure that your family gets the maximum benefit. Knowing about people’s common mistakes in life insurance can help you avoid them.

Below are the major mistakes that people make:

Purchasing the wrong type of insurance

People erroneously purchase the wrong insurance. Such insurance does not help them reap maximum benefits. For example, you may buy whole life insurance believing it is more beneficial. You make this error because you do not make a comparative study with the term life insurance.

Whole life insurance is an expensive option. You continue to pay premiums your entire life, though you may no longer need this protection. If you stop making these payments, your previous investment will waste.

In contrast, in the case of term life insurance, you get coverage for a limited period. If something happens to you in that period, your beneficiary receives the death benefits.

You need to do proper research to make a well-informed decision. Otherwise, you purchase a policy that does not match your needs. You may also end up paying higher premiums.


The massive insurance industry is growing by the day in the US, collectively bringing in $1 trillion in premiums. While the sheer size of it is impressive, the statistics on insurance fraud show that the overall insurance costs have grown alongside the industry.


Wrong amount of coverage

Buying the wrong amount of coverage will not deliver you the desired results. If you buy too low coverage, your family does not get the financial protection it needs. If you buy too much coverage, it makes life insurance expensive.

You purchase life insurance to save your family from any financial crisis in the future. You don’t buy it to make them rich. Calculate your future income and liabilities to measure the gap between them. Purchase an insurance policy that helps your family fill the gap in case of your untimely demise.

Wrong choice of beneficiary

Naming the correct beneficiary for your policy is crucial. However it receives the sum guaranteed under the policy without paying any taxes. You can also nominate a contingent beneficiary who gets the money in case of an untimely death of the primary beneficiary.

Delayed purchase of life insurance

When you are young, you don’t feel the need to purchase life insurance. But this is the best time to buy a life insurance policy. Being young and physically fit, you can buy a premium life insurance policy at a lower cost.

As you grow old, you become a victim of various health problems. That’s why the insurance companies charge you higher premiums. It also significantly reduces your chances of getting the best life insurance.

Providing incorrect information

If you deliberately provide incorrect information, it will not serve you well. So if you conceal some facts about your health condition, it can prove costly. Upon discovering such information, the insurance company can reject your claim. They will deny you the benefits agreed upon at the time of inception of the policy.

So, you must provide information with complete honesty.


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Not informing your family

It is the worst mistake of all. If your family does not know about your insurance policy, they will fail to claim it. You go through a lot to pay the premiums, and your family should get the benefit. So, if they don’t, the entire exercise serves no purpose.

An insurance company only settles the claim if somebody files it.


You need to avoid these mistakes when buying life insurance; otherwise, you will not make the best decision for your family. Do proper research and understand your family’s needs. If you feel confused about choosing the right insurance plan, get a free consultation from an insurance agent.


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Mistakes to Avoid in Buying Life Insurance!

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