Life Insurance For Seniors Over 75!

Insurance for over 75!

Securing life insurance for seniors over 75 can be challenging. You can get any life insurance policy at a reasonable rate in your youth. As you grow old, your chances of getting a good deal become meagre. With age, you become a victim of several diseases. It makes you a riskier prospect for life insurance companies.

It does not mean that you are without a few choices. You can buy a life insurance policy even in your 80s. Even at this old age, you have some responsibilities. Like, you don’t want to burden your family with funeral expenses.

Why does someone over 75 need life insurance? 

You may buy life insurance at this age for any of the following reasons:


Between 1950 and 2020, the portion of Americans over the age of 65 more than doubled. (Statista, 2021) 


Paying funeral expenses

Funeral expenses carry a high cost in the United States. You don’t want to burden your family in this moment of grief. If you have final expense insurance, it can protect your family from additional distress.

Paying outstanding debts

You may purchase insurance at an old age to pay off your debts. Your unpaid debts can make things difficult for your family. In the last decade, the debts of senior citizens have increased by 40 percent.

Medical expenses

At an old age, you need to visit the doctor regularly. You may need some emergency treatment. Medical treatment is quite expensive in the United States. Insurance can help you meet these expenses.

Helping your family

You may get life insurance to give financial protection to your family. When something unfortunate happens to you, the beneficiary named by you receives the death benefits. The beneficiary can use these funds to advance your legacy. If you buy whole life insurance and consistently pay premiums, it becomes an asset for your family. 


How much does life insurance policy cost for seniors over 75 ?

Several factors will determine the amount of premium you need to pay. These include:


An insurance company will take a look at your medical history. The insurance company will readily give you coverage if you are in sound physical and mental health despite old age. But if your physical condition is precarious, an insurance company will charge you a higher premium.


Your gender also plays a part when you apply for life insurance at an old age. Generally, women need to pay a smaller premium compared to men. The reason is they have a longer life expectancy. 


Living a healthy life increases your chances of getting life insurance at a decent rate. An insurance company will look into your lifestyle. Make sure that you stay away from drinking or smoking. Also, make daily exercise a part of your routine.



What are the best life insurance options for seniors over 75?

Other than final expense insurance, seniors over 75 may choose any of the following plans:

Term life insurance

It can be challenging for seniors over 75 to qualify for this insurance. It requires a medical test. You need to be in a good physical state to pass this test. Also, you only get ten years of coverage. 

The premiums you pay for this insurance policy are relatively low. But, this policy does not have any cash value. So, if you outlive the agreed term, you don’t receive a payout.

Whole life insurance

It is an expensive insurance plan life insurance policy for seniors over 75 . It also requires the applicant to go through a medical test. But it builds cash value over time. The policyholder can withdraw cash from this amount. But he needs to pay it back before passing away. Otherwise, the insurance company will deduct the amount from the death benefit



Burial insurance

“Burial insurance” usually refers to a whole life insurance policy with a death benefit of from $5,000 to $25,000. As its nickname implies, people buy this type of policy to provide money for funeral and burial costs for themselves and/or family members.

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Why does someone over 75 need life insurance? 

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