Life Insurance For Mentally Challenged!

Life insurance for mentally challenged   

Suppose we have a disability that may affect our ability to support our family financially down the road. In that case, life insurance can also provide an alternative source of income. Life insurance supplies loved ones with accounts for funeral costs and additional long-term conditions in our absence, including daily payments, debt refund, and recurrent maintenance costs. 

If shopping for a range that includes a disability, think about who and what type of fees like to have protected, including:

  • Dependents
  • Custodians
  • Special debts

Disability does not bar you from getting life insurance. Companies do offer life insurance for mentally challenged persons. However, a company analyzes how your disability impacts your life expectancy. If the disability is severe enough, it will reduce the available life insurance choices.


In 2018, 28% of Millennials said they would buy life insurance online. Today, 29% of all consumers say they would.


Who is a mentally challenged person?

A mentally challenged person has some cognitive limitations. A person develops this disability before turning 18. He faces issues in communication and cannot take care of himself. He fails to learn things at the same rate as an ordinary person. The IQ level of such a person is below 70.

Alternative life insurance for mentally challenged

If your disability disqualifies you from traditional life insurance policies, you can pursue some alternatives. These include:

Joint life insurance

If you have a spouse that qualifies for traditional life insurance, you can purchase mutual insurance. Than, it covers both of you with some conditions. If your spouse dies before you, you may not get the benefit. Alternatively, the plan may only pay out when both of you are not alive.

Life insurance for veterans

If you become mentally disabled while performing national duty, it may not bar you from getting life insurance. If you have had any coverage before, it will continue without disruption.


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Group life insurance

It is the insurance arranged by the employers for employees. It requires no medical evaluation.
If you can’t qualify for any other insurance, you can choose this option. In fact it only offers minimal coverage. But it’s better to have some protection than none at all.

Funeral insurance

Insurance companies don’t deny final expense insurance. It doesn’t require the applicant to go through a medical examination. This insurance relieves the family of financial burden in times of grief. It may help pay off your debts.



How to improve life insurance eligibility as a mentally challenged person?

To improve your eligibility, you need to work on your wellness. Perform brain exercises to enhance your mental capacity. Pay regular visits to your doctor. He may suggest you treatment according to changing situation.

Also, do some physical activity daily. Such hobbies will keep you in good physical health. As well, it may increase your life expectancy, making you a favourable candidate for life insurance companies.

Getting quotations from several insurance companies is also essential. Not all companies will decline you. This way, you also get insurance at decent rates. Insurance companies have different policies and guidelines. Shopping around may prove the best bet to secure a good deal as a mentally challenged person.

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Life Insurance For Mentally Challenged!

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