Life Insurance for Disabled Persons

Life insurance for disabled persons          

About 26% of US adults live with a disability, so the insurance companies cannot disallow life insurance for disabled persons. But the priority of these companies is to safeguard themselves against any financial losses. So, if there are more risks associated with an insured person, he will have to pay higher premiums.

A person with a severe disability may have very few options to explore. While engaging itself in an insurance agreement with such a person, the company will consider the following factors:

Kind of disability

Some disabilities can’t bar you from getting any life insurance policy because they don’t harm your life span. For example, a person with a hearing loss or a vision defect can get any insurance policy by paying standard premiums.

But if the nature of disability is such that it can shorten your life span, then insurance companies will treat you like an unusual case. Consequently, you will have to pay higher premiums to get life insurance for disabled persons.

Medical history

The insurance company thoroughly examines the entire medical history of a disabled person. It helps them ascertain the medications he is currently taking and the medical treatments he had in the past. Based on this information, they decide which insurance policies he can opt for and how much premium he will have to pay.


Did you know that?

Over 375,000 Americans evolved disabled yearly, and around 110 million do not have long-term disability scope. Approximately 8 million grown-ups have some disability that prevents them from performing.



A person with an unhealthy lifestyle has very few options. So, give up the habits of drinking or drug abuse. Otherwise, you will have to pay higher premiums to the insurance company.


If a disabled person is employed somewhere, it counts in his favour. It implies that a person is relatively healthy and has a regular income source to pay for the premiums.

Life insurance for a disabled person

As a disabled person, what are the life insurance policies you can explore to your advantage?

With a mild disability, you can get the traditional life insurance policy because such a disability does not impact your life span. Conventional life insurance policies include the following:

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Permanent Life Insurance

But suppose you have a severe disability that can bar you from getting conventional life insurance. In that case, you can opt for any of the following life insurance policies:

  • Simplified Issue: If you want quick life insurance without undertaking a medical exam, you can choose this policy.
  • Final Expense: Ideal for those who don’t want to burden their family with funeral costs.
  • Guaranteed Issue: You can explore it as a last option if you fail to secure other life insurance policies. It neither requires any medical exam nor asks you any health-related questions.


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How to get a better life insurance plan despite physical disability?

You may get a more rewarding life insurance plan by doing the following:

Work on your fitness

Despite being a disabled person, you can take steps to improve your overall health and increase your life span. You need to take medicine on time and arrange routine medical check-ups.

 In addition to this, eat healthy food, and quit activities that are detrimental to your health. Also, take measures to control your blood pressure and cholesterol level.

Take quotes from different companies

Your disability can prove a hurdle in getting the most suitable life insurance policy. So, don’t just contact a single life insurance company. Get quotes from different companies and weigh the pros and cons of their offer. Then choose the one that best suits your needs and gives you the maximum advantage.

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life insurance for disabled persons

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