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A hassle-free best online life insurance policy that does not bind you to the prerequisite of taking a medical exam. We are one of the best life insurance companies. Our aim is to provide cheap life insurance quotes.

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Our Term Insurance policies grant you flexible and swift security that weighs light on the wallet too


Whole Life serves as a lifetime’s worth safety belt for you and your family. 

Final expense

Final expense insurance refers to a type of permanent life insurance.

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What Disqualifies You From Life Insurance?
No need of medical exam

Goodbye Medical Exams

EDGAR Insurance Agency facilitates its consumers by shifting the entire Insurance process online. Enabling you, our dearest user, the access to obtain the perks of our insurance through the comfort of your home. Lay back and simply answer a series of questions to catch us up to speed. What seemed like strenuous labor before, we have now trimmed the insurance process to a matter of minutes only. Secure the stability of your future today! EDGAR provides the best online life insurance policy quote to its customers. We claim to be one of the best life insurance companies since we offer cheap life insurance quotes.

Register and get Insured on the Same Day

Our user-friendly and straightforward online method has made earning insurance feasible on the same day as registering. Majority of our applying candidates will receive coverage in less than 24 hours after they have applied. EDGAR Insurance values your peace of mind; therefore, safeguard the well-being of your family right away.

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best economical life insurance policy

Economical Policies

At EDGAR Insurance Agency, we prioritize customer-orientation. You have the freedom of browsing through our policies and fashion them in accordance with your budget. It is our cardinal belief that insurance is not a one-way lane for everyone. We cater your wishes so that you and your family can receive the best. We provide best online cheap life insurance policy.

How we Work

We reject the notion of hiring agents on commission because it can lead to biased advising. Here at EDGAR, you will find non-commissioned agents who will humbly guide you toward making the right decisions. Choices that resonate with your needs and wants.

EDGAR has been established to align insurance with convenience. We are proud of our flawless system that promotes a quicker, more efficient, and user-friendly insurance experience. Your insurance requirements as well as those of your family are in safe hands. By closely keeping in mind, our long-term objectives, we plan on securing the insurances of worldwide families. Let’s take a brief look at how we operate.

In just a matter of minutes, make yourself eligible for a policy that upholds the safety of your loved ones.

EDGAR associates itself with the best of the best in the insurance industry. We are talking about renowned insurance companies such as Legal & General America, AAA Life, Ameritas Life Insurance Corp, and TruStage® At EDGAR, we have remodeled the application process via cutting-edge technology to land an easy-to-grasp impact on our customers. Whereas as for the insuring part, we hand over the work to the certified and Professional Companies in the insurance industry. 

Here are reviews from customers


Great experience, very communicative customer service. The process took a little longer than they originally estimated but they continuously updated me and it was still quicker than life insurance application processes I have been through in the past

Saravanan R

My experience with EDGAR folks so far has been outstanding. Everyone I have spoken over the phone were knowledgeable and helpful. Please keep up the good work.

M.F. Cook

I loved working with EDGAR. They are professional, timely, honest, and quick to respond to my questions and concerns. I was really pleased with the service I received through working with them. Thanks for helping me get insured, EDGAR


EDGAR stayed in touch regularly during my policy review period and delivered my policy at my originally quoted premium. Nice Job

Wendell M

It was the easiest transaction ever! I loved getting this insurance policy! I still work full time and I saved a lot of time! Excellent!!


The application process was seamless. The turnaround time was great. And the monthly premium is more than reasonable. Also the follow-up from direct live agents was a plus.

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