How to Cancel a Life Insurance Policy?

How to Cancel a Life Insurance? – Some people get life insurance to shield themselves for a certain period, such as when their children are growing or through university. But what if you outlive your coverage or your requirements change?

There are methods to get out of life insurance coverage you no longer desire. Read on to learn more.


Cancel Life Insurance


How to Cancel your Life Insurance?

A life insurance cancellation is manageable. The stages differ depending on whether you have a term or cash value policy.

Term life insurance provides coverage for a certain term in exchange for payments. These policies don’t save bucks, but cash-value life insurance does.

Cash-value life insurance has two functions. One, it covers you for life. Two, it builds wealth (cash value). Whole life and universal life are both cash-value plans.

There are several methods to terminate a term or cash-value life insurance policy.


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Life Insurance Policy Term

Term life insurance premium covers you for 10 to 20 years. This sort of insurance has:

  • Modest premiums
  • A straightforward death payout
  • No investment vehicles.

Can you terminate a term policy? To terminate your term policy, discontinue paying your premiums and notify your insurer in writing or by phone. Also, check your insurer’s website for a cancellation form.

Terminate Whole Life Insurance Policy

Halting payments does not cancel full life insurance coverage. While each policy’s forfeit terms vary, you should contact your insurer first. Your alternatives vary for how long you’ve had the coverage and your insurer’s requirements, but generally, there are three ways:

1. Cash Value

Policyholders’ cash worth grows over time. The cash surrender value of insurance is the cash value minus fees and penalties. Premature withdrawals are subject to surrender penalties for a decade or more. If you cash out your interest, it is taxed as well.


2. Coverage Lapse

Certain insurers will immediately cash out your full life insurance if you stop making payments. Like universal life insurance, others utilize your cash worth to support premiums if you stop paying. If you don’t cancel your insurance, you lose your payout, and your coverage expires.

If your whole life insurance lapses, you may be subject to surrender fees and taxes.

3. Reduced Paid-up Option

This option charges the least. You can cease paying premiums in return for a lesser death benefit. The lower benefit is based on your previous rates and lifelong coverage.

However, even if the possible compensation is lesser, there are no penalties, and you are still covered.



An individual can terminate life insurance coverage for any reason. There is no refund unless your insurance had monetary value or cancelled it during a free-look period or in the middle of a payment cycle.


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Cancel Life Insurance

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