Alcohol, Drug Use & Life Insurance

Drug use and life insurance are poles apart as the state of your health matters the most to an insurance company. They need to assess the risk factors associated with your health and the chances of your passing away during the coverage. To determine any risks linked to your physical state, they analyze your age and lifestyle. 

Getting a traditional life insurance policy becomes difficult if you have an unhealthy lifestyle that includes corrupt practices like drug addiction. You may have to pay higher premiums to an insurance company to get a life insurance policy if you have a medical condition or history of substance abuse.

How the hard drug usage impacts the life insurance policy?

If you have a recent history of using solid drugs like cocaine or heroin, your chances of getting an insurance policy reduce significantly. Because if you pass away due to an underlying health condition because of drug addiction, the company will face financial losses. The company wants to secure itself against such losses.

So, the company will either deny you the right to get a policy or ask you to pay higher premiums to safeguard itself against any potential losses.

If you have a history of hard drug use, you may face denials from insurance companies for the first five years of recovery. 

Why should you be honest when purchasing a life insurance policy?

If you are a drug abuser and lie about your medical history or addiction, it won’t help your cause. Because, if the insurance company finds out about your dishonesty, it holds the right to cancel your policy or raise the premium. They are likely to find out your medical state because you need to undergo a medical exam if you apply for a traditional life insurance policy.

Be honest about your past drug addiction because many insurance companies need you clean just for a minimum period of time.

Decisive factors in getting a life insurance policy as a drug addict?

As a drug addict, you are a riskier venture for an insurance company. Drug addiction lowers your life expectancy considerably, making the insurance company shaky about awarding life coverage. If you are a hardcore drug user, you will likely have a lower life expectancy even after treatment.  

Below are the most critical factors that a life insurance company will consider while awarding coverage to a drug addict:

  • They will factor in your age because you have more chances of surviving the drug abuse than a person in his forties if you are younger.
  • How long have you been sober?
  • Did you get treatment? Because it may reduce your chances of going back to old ways.
  • Current blood test results.
  • Driving record to ensure that you won’t risk your life through reckless driving and cause the company financial losses.
  • Medical impairment resulting from drug abuse
  • Your criminal record, if you have any.


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How to get a life insurance policy with a history of drug addiction?

Getting a life insurance policy requires an in-depth inspection of the insured. And if you have a history of drug addiction, it will make the process very complicated. The first step to getting life insurance with such a history is to give up the drugs altogether. Because without taking this step, it is improbable that any company will grant you life insurance.

Some life insurance companies will need you to be clean for at least one year. However, most companies will require you clean for an extensive period of 3-5 years. So, if you have been sober for this long, don’t hesitate to apply for the traditional insurance policy. Because there are more chances of you succeeding in getting the policy than otherwise.

If you were an alcoholic, you would need to abstain from alcohol for two years at the minimum; only then, companies will consider your case.

What if insurance companies decline traditional life insurance?

It is difficult to get an insurance policy with a history of drug abuse but not entirely impossible. Contact different companies to get competitive rates.

If you fail to secure a traditional life insurance policy due to poor health because of substance abuse in the past, there are some options that you can explore. 

Guaranteed issue life insurance

This insurance policy is for those who cannot secure traditional life insurance because of their underlying health problems. It does not require any medical test on your part. Since you don’t need to undergo a medical examination, the risk factor increases for the insurance company.

To overcome that risk, the company charges you higher premiums and offers you lesser coverage.

Group life insurance

The employers get this insurance policy for their employees. These are affordable plans but yield lesser coverage, insufficient to meet the insured’s needs.

Simplified issue life insurance

This insurance policy does not need you to undertake a medical exam. You only need to answer a short questionnaire related to your health. It helps companies determine the associated risk. Based on this, they decide the premium you need to pay and the death benefit you will get at the end.

You can contact us and choose the life insurance policy that best suits you.

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